Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 22, 2016

I didn't plan to do much this morning before I departed.  I've wanted to go to Wat Phnom because I've never been, but I had no idea what a treat was in store when we jumped in the Tuk Tuk with Mr. Lee. It is a holiday today in Cambodia in which Buddhists obserbe Makha Bucha Day click here to learn more

Makah Bucha means to honor so people go to their Wat (temple) to pay respect.  As I write I can hear lovely music coming from Wat Langka across the street.  At Wat Phnom it was the same. Beautiful music, lighting of incense and the giving of offerings.  Simply beautiful.  Such an unexpected end to my trip.  We stopped by the FCC (Foreign Correspondence Club) for a juice after and they had the most appropriate quote above the dorm as we left : )

My heart is full.  See you soon.

Ms. Brewer

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