Thursday, February 18, 2016

February19, 2016

Yesterday morning we went to the Annual Meeting of NEP (NGO Education Partnership) which is an organization which works to coordinate the efforts of NGO's working in the education sector in Cambodia.  I felt like I was at a meeting at the UN.  The presenters spoke in Khmer and we wore headphones in which an interpreter spoke English.

In the afternoon we took a trip to Open Book which is a library open to everyone.  CASF is a project under the umbrella of Open Book here in Cambodia.  With current NGO laws we need to have an umbrella organization based here in Cambodia.  Open Book publishes books as well. They have published many books by our founder, Fred Lipp.  Additionally, they just published Maribel: Cat of the World by Jean-Claude Redonnet who is on the Board of CASF and joined me on this visit to Open Book.  I have a copy of Maribel to share with you when I return.

It was another great day.  I am learning so much and am really excited about the educational landscape here in Cambodia.

Ms. Brewer

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